Terms and condition

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  1. The Price will be as quoted when you place your Order on the Sparkle maid cleaning Platform. Prices are subject to change at any time, in which case the sparkle maid cleaning Platform will be updated accordingly, but any such changes will not affect Orders for which you have already been sent an Order Confirmation prior to the date the change is published on the sparkle maid cleaning Platform.
  2. Prices are based on the specified hourly rate, which depends on factors such as location and how often the Service will recur. The same Service may cost differently in a different location, or if the frequency is more or less frequent. There is a 2 hour minimum applicable for recurrent and 3 hours minimum for one off Orders and if you have booked unused time we will refund any unused hours beyond any minimum hours applicable to your Order.
  3. The Price you will pay will be stated on your Order Confirmation and compromises:
    • (i) A fee due to the Service Provider based on the duration of the visit. We will collect this fee on behalf of the Service Provider.
    • (ii) A service fee due to Us as stated on the invoice and calculated by reference to the number of hours worked by the Service Provider.
  4. 4. Payment for Services must be made once we have allocated a Service Provider to you and completed the order. Payment will be taken in Pounds Sterling using the credit or debit card you have registered at completion of the order. To take the payment we are using Stripe, a third-party payment processing provider. All your card details are stored on Stripe’s secure servers and not on the Sparkle maid cleaning Platform.

Making A Booking

  1. You may only make a booking if you are aged over the age of legal majority in your jurisdiction. We may ask you to provide Us with a valid proof of identity in a form reasonably acceptable to us upon request.
  2. You may only make a booking for your personal use, or for the use of a person, including a company or other organisation which you are authorised to represent. Likewise, you may only book Services with respect to a location where you are legally authorised to have services such as the Services performed.
  3. You can select which Services you require, at what location, for how many hours and the time for those Services to be provided via the Sparkle maid cleaning Platform. On selection of the relevant details, we will notify you of the costs of the Services based on those details. If you would like to go ahead, you may inform us via phone or email to confirm your request.
  4. When submitting your Request for Services, one of Our customer service agents will contact you by phone to discuss details of your bookings and to acknowledge receipt of that booking. We will then send you a booking confirmation by e-mail. The Order is subject to such confirmation, and the contract between you and the Service Provider will be formed only when you are sent the booking confirmation.
  5. If your Order is for a Recurrent Service, for example, where you book a household clean to be performed every week, we will automatically schedule that Recurrent Service to occur on future dates indefinitely at the frequency you have requested. We cannot guarantee that the same Service Provider will attend each Recurrent Service appointment.

Variations Of These Booking Terms And Conditions

  1. We may revise these Booking Terms and Conditions at any time and you should check these Booking Terms and Conditions from time to time to take notice of any changes we have made, as they are legally binding on you. We may also notify you of any changes by e-mail. If you do not agree to any such changes, please stop using the Sparkle maid cleaning Platform.
  2. Every time you make an Order via the Sparkle maid cleaning Platform, the Booking Terms and Conditions in force at that time will apply to the Order between you and Us.


  1. 1. If you would like to make a complaint or provide any feedback about one of Our Professionals or their Services, please contact Us by e-mail or by phone as soon as possible. We will then get into contact with the Service Provider and attempt to resolve any issues on your behalf.
  2. Should we be unable to resolve the issue you choose whether you like us to:
    1. Give you a refund for the disputed/complained amount of your Order;
    2. Arrange for the re-performance of the disputed/complained about Services at no additional cost to you.

Communication And Contact Details

  1. If you wish to contact Us, you may do so by telephone at 07376228594, by email at email@sparklemaidcleaning.co.uk
  2. Our customer support hours are from 9:30am to 17:30pm Outside these hours you can send us an e-mail to email@sparklemaidcleaning.co.uk
  3. In certain circumstances you must contact Us in writing (when cancelling an Order, for example, or exercising your right to cancel the Services). When contacting Us in writing you may use the following methods:
    1. Contact Us by e-mail at email@sparklemaidcleaning.co.uk

How We Use Your Personal Information (Data Protection)

  1. 1. All personal information that We may collect (including, but not limited to, your name and address) will be collected, used and held in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and your rights under that Act.
  2. 2. We may use your personal information to:
    1. Enable the Service Provider to provide the Service to you.
    2. Process your payment for the Services provided by the Service Providers.
    3. Inform you of new products and services available through Our platform. You may request that We stop sending you this information at any time.
    4. We will not pass on your personal information to any other third parties.
    5. We will not pass on your personal information to any other third parties.

Service Providers

  1. You agree to treat Our Service Providers courteously and lawfully and to provide a safe and appropriate working environment for them in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. You also agree to provide them with all reasonable information and co-operation required to enable them to provide the Services you have requested.
  2. You acknowledge that your preferred Service Provider, if you have one, may be unavailable from time to time, whether due to illness, vacation or through ceasing to use the Sparkle maid cleaning Platform.
  3. You agree, for so long as the agreement between You and Us is in force and for a period of six months thereafter, not to book the Services of, or engage, any Service Provider you have used, or whose contact details you have received from Us, other than via the Sparkle maid cleaning Platform. Failure to comply with this will incur a compensation payment from You to Us for the service fees otherwise due during the 6 month period after the day your last service took place.